Translating Contracts Into Value

Contracts are at the heart of every business deal. Because of this, contracts are too important to be left to lawyers alone!  Contract management is a process and every stakeholder should know their role.
Good Contract Management processes and controls are essential for businesses in today’s global and complex environment.  Karhu, LLC helps clients establish sound contract management processes and tools throughout the entire contract life cycle.



Contract Management Best Practices

Standardized and Data Driven Contract Management Processes


Contract Simplification And Visualization

New Mindset to Drafting and Designing Contracts


Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Systems

Electronic Contract Management throughout the Contract Lifecycle


Teaching and Training Workshops

Superior Contracts Employees. Trained Stakeholders in Contract Management.


A Contract is a Living Document – Contract Management is a Process

We Focus on Streamlining the Entire Contract Lifecycle Management Process